A. Charter Boat Services are fully insured and compliant with requirements for all safety boat, work boat and vessel hire as well as crew transfer and marine plant hire. We have £10m personal indemnity insurance, £5m Employers liability insurance and Skipper and crew wage insurance with repatriation

A. We have an in-depth Safety Management System which is constantly being updated and improved in accordance with all regulatory, mandatory and advisable safety systems and practices. We have never had any critical accidents or loss of life.

A. Charter Boat Services personnel are all fully trained in leadership management, HSE, IOSH and RIDDOR compliant
A. All our vessels have IMCA and all our vessels have ECMID
A. All of our vessels have a very strict maintenance schedule and procedures. All of our engines are reconditioned. We have full time maintenance engineers employed by the company. We carry back up spares for all of our vessels enabling repairs to be carried out there and then as necessary, reducing any downtime to a minimum. All projects have 24/7 internal engineering support. All of our vessels return safely.
A. Yes, for near shore and intertidal logistics
A. We have a wide range of vessels, including Rib charter, work boats, survey vessels, safety boats and cabin ribs

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