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Holland Project

We were recently tasked to supply a survey vessel for a new client’s wind farm cable laying project in Holland.

After a brief discussion with the client, it was clear that the requirement for a survey vessel wasn’t going to be easy at such short notice, so we immediately worked to source a vessel that could potentially fit the bill.

We were able to source a Crew Transfer Vessel that was just the right size for the requirements and worked swiftly to adapt the vessel to accommodate the needs of a working survey vessel.

Adaptations included:

  • Carefully removing CTV seating areas to allow enough space for workstations to be installed in their place.
  • Our appointed engineers constructed and fitted new, bespoke-to-suit workstations to accommodate the survey equipment and operators.
  • The manufacturing of a stainless steel A-frame, winch and support cable to lower the equipment into the water whilst ensuring the arm is secure when in motion.
  • Manufacture and install of an aft platform to make it safer and faster for moving around the vessel.

Once the first platform had been manufactured and fitted, upon starting trials it was clear that it was not going to be fit for purpose as the swell from under the arched rear of the vessel was being blocked by the newly-installed platform.

Back to the drawing board, we adapted and fitted a new platform within 24 hours to ensure no delays to the client’s project.

Needless to say the vessel, once fully adapted to suit the client’s surveying needs, was perfect for their offshore wind farm cable laying project and the project was completed successfully.

Here at Charter Boat Services, we thrive on last minute client requirements and this aft platform is one brilliant example of our flexibility and a testament to our team’s hard work to ensure every project runs as smoothly as possible.