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Lowestoft Project

In recent years, Lowestoft has experienced an increase in the frequency flooding events, with two such events happening in 2013 and 2015. These caused widescale disruption to local business and infrastructure. In a bid to mitigate these risks and safeguard the future of Lowestoft, a plan has been developed to build a tidal barrier in the outer harbour area.

Lankelma and MacGeo were sub-contracted in to carry out the ground-investigation in the outer harbour area using their Jackup barge Sandpiper to provide both physical ground information, and CPT/Pressuremeter testing to facilitate the structural planning of the barrier. Within the scope of work were several positions situated in the Yacht Club, an area with limited access. Due to this, assistance was required from Charter Boat Services.

We manned the tugboat ensuring the Jack up Vessel was well guided through the difficult harbours walls, piers and pontoons. The requirement soon became clear that we were to guide the Jack-up vessel through a gap with barely 30cm each side to spare. Despite this, alongside the MTS Viking, this manoeuvre was successfully executed, achieving safe and controlled access and egress from the Yacht Club.

We take pride in our experience and versatility when it comes to projects such as these, something that is incredibly important in our industry.