Charter Boat Services can facilitate small, medium, and large size safety boats for a whole variety of projects and scales.

At Charter Boat Services, we can supply a multitude of Crew Transfer vessels for differing roles, from offshore assets to vessel transfers.

We have a range of Survey Vessels including 24 hour live aboard to intertidal near shore and offshore projects.

Charter Boat Services we can aid in finding fast and reliable vessels for the provision of cargo and supplies. We can provide cargo services 24/7 as and when required. 

The vessels we provide have a variety of different size Cabin Ribs from 10m to 20m that can work close to shore as well as offshore. 

Charter Boat Services can provide offshore Guard Vessels to maintain a Marine Exclusion Zone for protecting vulnerable surface and sub-sea Construction Operations or otherwise sensitive Marine Operations. For example, Pipeline and Cable Installation, Offshore Wind activities and Marine Traffic. 

Charter Boat Services can provide Dive Vessels that are high speed, safe, reliable, and robust. We can provide Dive Vessels that are capable of a rapid speed of 30 knots in any sea condition. 

Charter Boat Services are equipped with the ACOUSTIC MARINE SYSTEMS Passive Acoustic Cetacean Monitoring System (PA).  

Charter Boat Services provide a wide range of highly specialist offshore marine support services to companies throughout the Renewable Energy Sector. 

Charter Boat Services can help provide a full suite of services and plant for Bridge Inspections.

Charter Boat Services can aid in providing support and services for your own vessels including vessel pick up and storage. 

Charter Boat Services uses our knowledge and expertise to successfully deliver and manage a wide range of buoy projects for customers in renewables, utilities, scientific research and local ports and authorities. 

Charter Boat Services will ensure full engineering support, which includes boat building to order and fabrication. We provide a 24/7 service for spare parts, repairs, and marine engineers. 

Charter Boat Services can provide full support for bespoke and individual specialised projects through use of our varied vessels, vehicles, engineering capabilities, fabrication, and engineers. 

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Debris Clearance

We harbour loads of experience in Debris Clearance. We know how much debris affects important projects, that’s why we can facilitate in clearing and disposing it. 

Alongside Lutra Marine using unique and patented technology we are able to undertake dredging works in difficult locations that may be restricted by environmental factors in hard to reach areas.

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